23 June 2012



Good oncolites in this part, as well as nice brecciated areas nearby.

Leza Sequence

After an invigorating hike back up from the monastery, we've driving a
short distance for an overview of the Leza Sequence, Aptian in age.

Monasterio San Prudencio

A short side-trip and hike brought us to a ninth-century monastery. It
was occupied for nearly a thousand years, being abandoned in 1835 when
Spain purged many religious establishments.

Ooids & Conglomeretes

A conglomerete with clasts containing ooids. Where have we seen rocks
like these clasts before?


Lunch with a beautiful view in Viguera

Alluvial Fan Complex

Discussing Tertiary Alluvial fan sequences around Viguera.


Are we finding carbonate soil nodules?

Upside-down Coral

We're seeing a lot of transported coral debris, like this upside-down
massive coral, in the section. Think about where it's coming from

Cameros Basin Day 3

Near Torrecilla we begin the day's stops with an overview of the
western Cameros Basin.

Arnedillo Morning Two

Rise and shine! One of the lesser developed of the many springs and
thermal pools that line the river flowing through Arnedillo. A good
place for a soak on a cool morning, and hopefully some help for bodies
still trying to adjust to a new time zone.