12 July 2012

Photos from the Field Trip

At our final science stop of the trip the group is still all-smiles and excited to explore and learn about the geology,
engineering, and history of the Roman-era gold mines we visited near Las Medulas.  Whose ready for two more weeks?
As promised, I have begun sorting through my photographs from the trip, and here is a first collection for you to enjoy.  This is a selection of pictures I took with my camera, including a few really good ones from my iPhone that were already posted on this blog, and which represent most of the geological and historical stops and activities from the trip:

It was hard narrowing it down to just 250 pictures! I took nearly 3000 photos between my iPhones and camera during the trip. It is a very beautiful country and we saw and did a lot of interesting things -- and this was a very photogenic group -- so I'll be posting an additional collection in the future for the trip participants interested in more great pictures of the geology, history, and themselves than we could fit into this first slideshow. 

We are also planning on putting together a "best of" collection, once more people have a chance to share their photos from the trip.  I'm looking forward to seeing some of the pictures taken of myself for one.

30 June 2012

Back Where We Started

University of Michigan, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences Spain 2012 Field Trip group
near Potes, Spain, looking northwestward with the Picos de Europa in the background.
We have said goodbye to several students and co-leaders over the last 36-hours, and now, after a long wait and a short bus ride, it's time for the remaining group to disperse.

It's been an amazing trip this year, with a great, enthusiastic group of students. We saw a lot of fantastic rocks over the last two weeks, and sampled some interesting food and culture as well. A big thanks again to Maribel for all her efforts, and to those who helped subsidize the cost of the trip and ensure important opportunities like this remain within the reach of our students.

My apologies for all the typos and mistakes in posts during the trip; I never did get the hang of the accents on the iPhone's Spanish keyboard, the auto-correct turned geology terminology into some interesting alternatives, and we had a very packed schedule, so proof-reading was not an option; no blogging while driving!

Keep your eyes on this space for posts of some of the fantastic photos we took during the trip...

Queue #8, #9, #10

We've arrived in Detroit. Next up the queues for passport control,
luggage, and customs. Then outside for the U-M bus, which
hopefully will be waiting for us curbside.


Somewhere up there is the front of the plane. We are not near it. All
set for an on-time departure though. Look for the map to show us in
Detroit in 8-1/2 hours or so...

Queue #6

Through secondary security to the gate's boarding area for our flight
to Detroit. Everyone accounted for and on schedule so far. Plane is at
gate behind us.


Completed the Amsterdam leg of our return trip. Arrived about 15
minutes late, however, we have a long layover here, so no mad dash
across the airport this time. Our Detroit flight is currently
scheduled for an on-time departure, so that gives us a few hours to
explore Schiphol before we take off at 5:10pm local time.

Queue #1

So far so good. Checked out of hotel. Rental cars returned. Still have
everything and everyone. Now the first of many queues today, the KLM
check-in counter...