28 June 2012

Sea Arches

There are many interesting erosional features that can only be
accessed at low tide along Cathedral Beach. Here are a couple of the
sea arches in Upper Cambrian shelf sands.

Beach Processes

Drew experiences anthropogenic sand burial.


Did you know you could eat barnacles? These are Spanish Gooseneck
Barnacles, or Percebes. Mmmmm!

Cathedral Beach

The tide needs to go out some before can get to some of the sites
here, so well just have to go for a swim first...

Water Wheels

In Mazonovo, near Terrimundi, we stopped to look at old water powered
mills. In addition to grist mill operations, power generation was
carried out in the building on the left until just recently.

Protest Fires

The tires are alight... Hopefully that means things will be coming to
an end soon, but we don't know... We're probably about a mile back
from the protest.


We're passing the time with a card game called mafia. Who in this
circle is the killer?

Road Block

We are taking on unplanned break to experience civil protest. The coal
miners in northern Spain have been protesting the government's
decision to cut their subsidies by blocking major roads. Yesterday we
saw some of the circular scorches from previous tire burnings on the
roads near Villamanin. Today we're stuck along the A-8 near Soto.
Unfortunately we cannot simply turn around, as we are boxed in by
cliffs and gaurdrails on the median, so we will likely be here for

Spain Victorious!

Last night, after a typical wonderful day in the field, most of the
group watched Spain defeat Portugal on penalty, and learned a few
cheers from the locals.