26 June 2012

Distal Facies

Distal turbidites of fine sands.


Carbonate platform moving progressively deeper into the basin.

Ezequiel Overview

Stop for an overview of the area we will be in today and tomorrow
around Villamamin. Grey turbidites of Carboniferous age are behind us
in the picture.


Paella next to the beach for lunch.

Beach Proccesses

A chance to see tidal influence in action as the tide goes out, we can
see the ripples migrating in this channel.



Jen and Tim point to root traces in a great paleosol section we've
found near the previous dinosaur tracks. They are standing on a layer
containing carbonate nodules.

Sauropod Tracks

For those not immediately tempted by the sea, we've taken a short hike
to view more dinosaur tracks. The most prominent in this view are the
oval shaped tracks of sauropods.

Swim Call

While the locals probably think we are a bit crazy, years of swimming
in the Great Lakes has toughened up enough of our crew to take the
plunge in the Atlantic on this foggy, chilly morning. Hopefully the
fog will break in a couple hours. For now we have the beach to

Day 9

Today is our day for beach processes! Unfortunately the weather isn't
cooperating. Compare this mornings view in San Vicente with