15 May 2012

U-M 2004 Spain Geology Field Trip

Group near Cap de Creus.
Near Cap de Creus.
While awaiting the start of this year's field trip to northeastern Spain, I thought I would share some photos from our last departmental trip to Spain. In 2004 our former colleague, Josep Pares, lead us on an exploration of northwestern Spain, with the help of Ben van der Pluijm and former department member, Todd Ehlers. On that trip we focused on structural geology and visited a number of geologic (and a few culturally!) significant locations around Barcelona, Cap de Creus, Riglos, Pico del Aguila, Jaca, Anisa, Ordesa, and along the track of the ECORS section across the southern Pyrenees and Erbo Basin.
Photos from 2004 U-M Pyrenees Geology Field Trip
Post a comment, if you were on that trip! What was your favorite part?

14 May 2012


This year's University of Michigan, Earth and Environmental Sciences geology field trip will be to Spain. The anticipated dates are 18-30 June 2012, and will be flying in and out of Madrid from Detroit.  More details will follow...