25 June 2012


As a pre-dinner snack, we visted downtown San Vicente to sample
chipirones, rabas, navajas, anchos, boquerones en vinagre, and chorizo
a la sidra.

Tidal Systems

The modern tidal system in San Vicente. The tide range here is about
10-feet, and is just starting to come in. The tidal flats on the right represent an environment we have seen a number of times now on the rock record.


A benthic foram in an Eocene limestone.

Flaser Bedfing

Tree Trunk

Angular Unconformity

Here we are standing on the brown Permian sandstone that overlies the
Gray Carboniferous we see in the distance uncomformably.

Glacial Landforms

A great example of a U-shaped valley carved out by Alpine glaciation.

Sucrosic Dolomite

After a lunch of wonderful local artisanal cheeses, bread, and bottled
bonito (similar to tuna and packed in olive oil) we've begun to
explore around the area. Here is an outcrop of sucrosic dolomite; note
the color, and, if you were here, you would feel the sugary texture.


On our way up...


Clasts here of carbonate, cherts, and quartzites. Outcrop is Westphalian in age.


Our first good look today at the deformation in this area, folding in
synorgenic clastics.

Potes Overview

Review of foreland basin tectonics.

Day 7

A quick overview of the drive into the mountains that we see in the
distance from the hotel parking lot, the Pecos de Europa.