29 June 2012

Nearly Done...

After 8 hours of driving, with a stop to see Roman gold mines, now the
cars are parked and hotel rooms checked into... time to relax outside
of Cervantes House.

Alcala de Henares

Our last major stop is Alcala de Henares. We've walked down to the old
city center to explore. Tomorrow we have to return the rentals and
catch our flight home.

Long Drive

And do begins the long drive back to Madrid..,

Last Lunch

Our last lunch buffet of cheeses, breads, etc.


The view from inside one of the Galleries.

Las Medulas

Las Medulas is an area of Roman-era gold mining. They worked these
placer deposits by re-routing water into the area to fill vertical
shafts and horizontal galleries they dug of varying widths, which
hydraulically collapsed the surrounding deposits and washed them into
a settling pond, where the gold could more easily be separated.