21 June 2012

More Dino Tracks

A therapod walked here.


Sorry, not quite enough magnification to resolve the ostracods, the
little black spots in the photo.

Dinosaur Track

Depostional and Tectonic Hustory

Up section

We're slowly working our way up section comparing what we expect from
the strat section in the field guide to our observations: plate- like
corals, branching corals, gastropods, bivalves, ripple marks, etc.

Cameros Basin

Our first of many stops over the next few days in the Cameros Basin.
We are just outside of Renieblas, getting to know the lower most unit
in the section, which is Kimmeridgian.

Ripple Marks

More Sandstone

Sandstone exhibiting flat or parallel bedding. Is it indicative of a
low- or high- energy environment? Examine and discuss.

Mud cracks


Flood plains, paleosols, sole marks, burrows, etc. in the Bundsandstein here.



The second stop of the day provided a wonderful panorama of Paleozoic
and Mesozoic units in an anticline, and a picturesque castle for
scale. A good place to overview Veriscan and Alpine deformation and
subsequent events.


Our first stop today is at one if the ancient Salinas sites near
Siguenza associated with the Keuper facies. A little bit of Roman
history and a lot of evaporite-geochemistry.