07 June 2012

Smartphones and Tablets

This year, in addition to the traditional paper guidebook, trip participants will be able to load a PDF version of the guidebook on their smartphones and tablets. Of course, it all has to be put together first; only eleven days left...

Another treat for those bringing their devices on the trip -- there's no requirement to bring one -- will be access to a collection of GIS data sets from the Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (IGME / Geological and Mining Institute of Spain).  IGME provides free access to a wide variety of geologic and thematic data, and we've selected and customized a useful subset for the trip participants.  They will be able to use GPS to find themselves on geologic maps, click to identify geologic features, pan/zoom/search to view the data from different perspectives, and combine different layers with transparency.  (For more details, see the geopad.org post, Electronic Reference Materials on Field Trips: ArcGIS and iGIS Apps.)

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