19 June 2012

Judiones de la Granja

After most of the students took a couple hours to clean-up and catch a quick nap we meet to explore the city of Segovia.  Some of the highlights of our walking tour included a Roman aqueduct, which runs more than 35km from its source in the Central Mountains, an ancient castle, which played an importan role during many historic events in the area, and numerous architectural, cultural, and historical sites.  We then dispersed for a couple hours before dinner for further napping and exploration of the city as individuals desired.  For dinner students were treated to a local speciality, Judiones de la Granja, a type of giant broad bean.

Tomorrow we begin our geological explorations in earnest and head back through Madrid to pick-up one more student and a bag that missed our flight earlier today from Amsterdam.  Then its off to Huete to begin visiting outcrops, with a number of stops planned from there to Sigūenza, where we'll stay for the night.

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